Our Service

“Elegant”is a company where specially sales the Computers and the accessories; CCTV Cameras and the accessories; home & office alarms;  the office & schools supplies. Also the cell-phones and other Boutiques.

COMPUTERS: Besides the corresponding accessories,“Elegant”also also provide the maintenance, assembly and fixing for the PCs, installing soft-ware and hard-ware for your PCs, internet bar, scanning, printing and typing. Of course that sales the parts for the PCs.

CCTV CAMERAS: “Elegant”sales all kinds of CCTV Cameras and recorders, such as IP CCTV Cameras and NVR (Network Video Recorder); POE Cameras and POE switch; Analog Digital Cameras and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) (NOW IS ON A SPECIAL PRICE); Digital Video Card for PCs ects.

Office and Schools Supplies: “Elegant”imports the famous and good quality make of the Office and Schools products from China.

SERIVES: “Elegant”providing printing, installing CCTV Cameras, Pass Photos; PVC ID Card Printing; Business Cards making; Computers Words, Excel; fixing cell-phones too….